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I’m Jon, and for most of my life, I have liked to write. I won’t guarantee you that I’m any good. Even if you think my writing blows, though, at least you’ll be entertained. Keep in mind that, whatever the reason is that you’ve done so, you are the one to blame for stopping by here.  I’m not sure what compelled you to do that, but, since you’re here, you’d might as well enjoy yourself — in a platonic way, if at all possible. Can’t keep it platonic? I won’t judge.

Along with my usual satire and snarky op/ed posts, for the past year I’ve been working on a “social justice” memoir entitled Until Proven. The subject matter is controversial, and the vantage point is likely to make many readers uncomfortable – maybe even angry. The themes of the novel are that a situation is rarely as it seems to outsiders, and, when you have truth on your side, it’s both necessary and worth it to fight for yourself and for justice – especially when it looks like there is no way out, the system refuses to play by its own rules, and the world has turned its back on you. There will be readers who will relate to situations in the story; others will find the circumstances impossible to believe, and many others will recoil at the audacity that the tale has been told at all. In the end, however, Until Proven is a story that needs to be told, because, in spite of the unlikelihood, any of it (or all of it) could happen to you.

Until Proven chronicles a life-altering event in the life of my family and me; I’m an (otherwise) honest, law abiding family man who was suddenly accused of something despicable – which (as “they” all say, I didn’t do). In life, one must often endure all sorts of unrelated, random, sometimes unbelievable circumstances. That’s the universe in which Until Proven exists. As I share the story, your advice and input (even when it challenges) will be instrumental and, most of all, welcome. While I admit that the novel is based on actual, life-shattering events, I’ll make the disclaimer that identities will be changed for the sake of privacy, anonimity and confidentiality.

I’m also developing in a murder mystery stage script entitled What Cricket Knows. In it, Jeremiah is a single dad to quiet 5 year old Cricket. Cricket barely speaks, but sees and hears everything, including a terrible fight between her dad and her biological mother. When Jeremiah is murdered, everyone in Cricket’s life has a motive, and, in a surprising twist, the real suspect is brought to justice because of What Cricket Knows.

When reading Prompts & Circumstances, I hope that you’ll find my satire entertaining, my social justice advocacy worthwhile, my knowledge of autism beneficial, and my research accurate. If you’re looking for entertainment, I have an eclectic catalog of fiction, non-fiction and sarcastic pieces you might find worthy.

If it’s professional writing you seek, contact me and we can talk about your needs. While I have been writing for myself for over 30 years, I am also available for freelance writing, editing and proofing work. I am also school-trained bilingual; I have been speaking, reading and writing Spanish since 1987.

I get ideas – those are the prompts. Things happen – those are the circumstances. Then, I write.


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