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The Republican Congress of the United States won’t consider President Obama’s court nominee to replace deceased Justice Antonin Scalia, though they are obligated to do so by the Constitution.

Certain presidential candidates are allowed to incite hatred and call for violence from their supporters against specified groups, though you or I would be arrested for doing the same thing.

The spouse of a current presidential candidate, who also used to be President of the US, campaigns for his spouse at polling places, even though it is illegal; it is brushed off, though you or I would be arrested for doing so (even if you don’t believe he “campaigned,” per se, his presence was influential and questionable).

A political party committee chairperson continually changes the rules midstream and deliberately sets the system to work against other candidates so that the committee leader’s annointed choice has an easier time in the race; you or I would have been called out long ago for such acts in a workplace.

The media deliberately blacks out the presidential primary run of certain candidates in order to favor those who are more entertaining (ratings and ad revenue) or to whom they are more beholden (corporate and political influence), yet you and I are expected to maintain our honesty, integrity and virtue.

Someone please tell me then, why our (your, my, and the every-person) involvement in the political process matters even one miniscule bit. Tell me why we should give a crap about following the rule of law when those making the laws thumb their noses at those laws. I mean, They only care about Their own gain, and anyone who honestly cares about The People is deliberately shut out of the process.

When the game is so unforgivingly rigged, unethical behavior is condoned (encouraged, even), and certain entities are allowed and expected to ignore their responsibilities, somebody out there please give the rest of us the irrefutable proof and confidence that we do matter, or, at the very least, that we have any influence at all.