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im-offendedBelieve it or not, being offended is totally, 100%, unequivocally YOUR OWN fault. Contrary to what you want to believe, your being offended does not mean that someone else must stop being offensive (well, maybe in some other land, but not here). It doesn’t mean that the material, statement or circumstances are offensive, either. In fact, being offended is only an opinion (stop and suck on that sourball for a minute). I’ll even repeat it for you: being offended is not a fact. It is merely a point of view.  That’s what makes it nobody’s fault but your own.

It’s not those who are being ‘offensive’ who disrespect our society, it’s those who choose to be offended.

Stop trying to sanitize the nation. Stop deciding for everyone else that your offense also needs to be theirs. Stop trying to make the world control your emotions just because you can’t do it on your own. And to the rest of us: we need to stop pandering to the minority. We must stop giving in to whining. Let’s let education win. Let’s let debate take the center stage; let discomfort lead to discussion. Finding ways to be offended is the path of least resistance; it’s a shortcut to nowhere.

Though it’s longer, take the hard road instead; try finding ways to be resolute, confident and tolerant. Get over joining university protest groups and put your ass back in the classroom where it belongs. By choosing to be offended, you’re only learning how to complain and be weak, instead of using higher education for its intended purpose: to learn about others, to open the floor to powerful discussion and as a dais to exchange differences of opinion.

We don’t always agree with what others believe, the lifestyle they choose or even the color of their skin, but we should be human enough to respect the differences. It’s not those who are being “offensive” who disrespect our society; it’s those who choose to be offended.

Personally, ‪#‎IChooseNotToBeOffended‬.

Where do you stand? Do you disagree? Let us know. I promise I won’t be offended.