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Until Proven (1)

Until Proven deals with an extremely controversial topic. That controversy keeps me from revealing to most people even the basic details of the situation. First of all, I consider the immediate impulse of people to accuse me of victim-shaming. Regardless of the facts, my claims of innocence, the public’s opinion about me, or the alleged incident in general, I am careful to respect the situation. Since it includes real life, real people and real circumstances, Until Proven is written as a memoir.

The deck has been stacked against me, and it has nothing to do with the incident specifically. Instead, other than close family and a thimble-full of loving friends, I’m frustrated that I have no advocacy on my side. For example, this situation has been going on 10 months (as of this post), and I have yet to speak at length with my advocate in order to defend of the allegations against me.

I am not rich by any financial definition. Hell, I am barely what could be referred to as “economically comfortable.” This predicament, along with the fact that I was born with absolutely nothing (and still has most of it left) precludes me from paying for qualified representation on my own. At one point I was assigned proper counsel. I was relieved, too, because in this town, the that office is known for fair and aggressive representation. However, within a couple of weeks, I was notified that there was a conflict of interest, and my situation was assigned to a court-assigned representative.

That was at the end of March, 2015. I met that counselor in person at the beginning of April, and spoke over the phone with him once in mid-May. Two and a half months later, and I had still heard nothing. I wrote enough letters to (literally) fill a notebook, and left so many phone messages that my cellphone automatically suggested to dial that representative’s number whenever I turned it on (there hadn’t even been a message from him telling me to quit f#ck#ng calling).

Later, I found out that, due to a questionable, obscure precedent, I could not petition directly to obtain a new, more competent advocate. Instead, I had to tell the current representative (who wouldn’t contact me) that I wanted that representative to file a motion to replace himself as my advocate (this is true stuff, loyal readers; you just can’t make this shit up).

On the bright side, the advocate was given two weeks to call me before I could take further action. The worst part of all is that I have all of the necessary information to defend against the allegations. This is just one of the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction plot points to be found in Until Proven.