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One project seems to regularly outpace another. True to form, here it goes again…


Until Proven (1)I’m dipping my toes into the chilly, unfamiliar waters of memoir writing. There are some dynamics I must be wary of: I may have to rename and/or combine some characters or disguise certain backgrounds, and I have to create a story that is compelling and entertaining, while maintaining believability and truthfulness regarding the circumstances themselves.

I’m hoping to make a captivating tale; I’ve started while tale is still unfolding, and the situations are writing themselves. People who know about the situation I’m facing, or those who know me and with whom my family and I share stories, can’t believe it is happening in real life. The circumstances are something you’d find on a poorly contrived cable TV special. It’s as though Real Life found all of the tired cliches, worn out definitions, and overused stereotypes from every made-for-TV movie ever created, and threw them at the Gilbert family.

It sounds dramatic, and I wish that was so. The story I’ll share is real, and, to stick with the cliche theme, only the names will be changed.

I’m happy to take your comments, suggestions and cautions about this writing format. In the meantime, I’m happy to share updates and progress on my new endeavor, Until Proven.