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Researchers at Berkeley University have stumbled upon what they are sure is the cause of autism. In a 7 year, $3.5M study that includes more than 318,000,000 people, Dr. Karl Sagal and Associate Professor Dr. Abha Rishima have noted that there is an irrefutable correlation between people diagnosed with autism and those who were given birth by a female parent.

“There is little deniability that we have encountered the unquestionable cause for autism,” stated Dr. Rishima. “We cannot find one case in our vast study where a person with autism was not born from a female parent.”

Because of the extent of Sagal’s and Rishima’s study, scientists are taking an accepting view of the report. In a duplicated, though somewhat smaller study initially begun by skeptical researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the results were surprisingly similar. Scientists there looked at a group of 8,000,000 people from the greater Baltimore area and came to the same conclusion: every person with autism was found to have been born from a female parent.

Dr. Segal could do little to contain his excitement.

“This research is undeniably conclusive,” he gushed. Sagal’s and Rishima’s report will be published in the September edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.