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torch pitchforkFunny. Back on January 27, I wrote how I would be devoting nearly all my time to completing the novel I have been diligently constructing for some time now. Then, it became the very next day, and everything changed. Since January 28, I have not been devoting nearly all of my time to writing a novel; instead, I have been forced to devote all of my time to dealing with a traumatic, life-changing family situation.

Because of that situation, many of those I once called “friend” have turned their backs on me. Others have simply disappeared, and the list on my phone of people I am now able to trust calling my friends has been whittled down to less than 2½ page scrolls. I don’t blame anyone, though. This is simply a commentary about the way things can change during one short, moonlit respite. I went to bed one evening looking at unlimited possibilities, and the very next day, my universe was suddenly confined to little more than the rooms within the walls of my own home.

Few have asked me for my perspective. Those that have, are on that aforementioned short contact list of cronies. They’ve earned a place there because they have open minds and cavernous hearts. Someday, when all is said and done, and this venom has been flushed from my life, the others will likely come to me with questions. I will simply ask them where they were during the hard parts, where they were when I felt unsafe in public, why they listened to the uninformed instead of talking with me. I’m the one who could have assuaged their fears, eased their concerns, and opened their minds to another perspective.

How easily people seem to judge when only given the barest of information. How easily fears seem to build when the populace is not only willing to create a beast, but tends to enjoy doing so, as well. I’ve heard it said, “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see,” and always thought it little more than a cleverly contrived joke. Being the subject of the quote changes one’s perspective.

I want to write, and, to be honest, it is what I need to do, now in more than just the metaphysical sense — now it has to be lucrative. My focus has changed, so the theme will, as well. I’ll post soon with an update. Until then, click on my page links and check out my stories. Please feel free to Read All You Want. And don’t worry, I’ll Make More.