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This is a plot hole I think about. I mean, I don’t lie awake at night pondering it, and we haven’t had deep suppertime discussions over this. Still, I think it’s worth mentioning.

We are all well aware, by the time Mr. Incredible has arrived at Nomanisan Island to battle the Omnidroid, that Syndrome has squirreled away some serious coin. He has jets that fly solely on autopilot (and dispense Mimosas at a passenger’s request, AND have personal mid-flight ejection pods), a monorail system that carries inefficient, single (or double; even so…)-passenger ball-shaped train cars, a gorgeous, well-appointed military-style complex inside a flipping volcano, zero-point energy prisoner containment system (both hand-held and multi-unit), single-person IMAX theater with non-lethal sticky-ball cannons (who couldn’t have used that at least once in their life?), rocket technology, and teams of soldiers and scientists to develop the most technologically-advanced rockets and mass-destruction robots ever seen, just to name a couple of things.

Then there are those wrist-launched combination drone/probe/who-knows-what-else thingies (they probably have a pocket fisherman feature, too; who knows?). You know the one thing it doesn’t serve as? It’s intended purpose! All that money and tech Syndrome dumped into his toys, and that one gadget couldn’t pick up Incred’s bio-signature behind a dead and dried skeleton? With all of Buddy’s technology and forethought (the Omnidroid was battling Supers in order to vet their weaknesses, after all), it could be assumed that he would have developed a probe’s technology to be able to discern between dead bones and warm flesh. Especially given that bones have spaces between them.

I know I’m being petty and there is likely an Incredibles Universe answer to the question. I just find that plot hole interesting. But, I guess it wouldn’t have made for much of a movie if The Villain dropped a new mini-depth charge and took another shot at blowing up The Hero.

So…never mind.