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I’ve always found short stories to be the most rewarding for me. I’m terrible about being committed to something until the end. My two greatest successes with that have been the Army, which I couldn’t leave, anyhow, and my wife and kids. When it comes to writing, though, staying committed through an entire novel is tough for me. I am better at finding a plot and getting to the conclusion as immediately as possible. I’m good for between 250 and 3,000 words, and then —- Ooh, look, a SQUIRREL! I don’t have a problem developing characters and a story in that short period, but get wordy and the story turns to fluff beyond 11 or 12 pages.

Those of you who have been visitors and commentors to this blog for some time may be familiar with my “Short Stories” section. From time to time, you may see a story or two disappear from the list. As I begin once again submitting to literary magazines, I will be pulling some of my best stuff from the blog for that purpose. Many titles cannot be published online and submitted simultaneously for potential publication, and I don’t want to infringe on that rule.

Others that I feel are good, but not “submission good,” I’ll be pulling, reworking and re-posting here on “Read All You Want.” I’ll do that, along with posting some new material for your — SQUIRREL! — critique.

Let me ask you this: has there ever been a story you wrote or wanted to write, but felt it didn’t need to be written or read? If so, was it something controversial? Or, do you say, “To hell with it,” and just write what you want? Do you have boundaries, or do you believe in the art of the craft? Even if you have no boundaries, is there a topic you would never write about?

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