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Courtesy: Flickr.com

Courtesy: Flickr.com

Years ago I subscribed to a print magazine for aspiring writers called Beginnings. As with many like it, that publication (sadly) no longer exists.  It’s too bad, too, because it  was a well-put-together mag that had potential. The one thing I remember from Beginnings is something I think about whenever I take inventory of the rainbow of jobs I’ve held over the past 30-some-odd years.

In one of the last issues of the magazine, there was a two panel comic depicting a writer being interviewed (oh how I wish I could find it…if you remember this mag or the drawing, please share in comments). In the first panel, the interviewer’s speech bubble said (something along the lines of), “So tell me, what did you do before you became a writer.” The second panel showed the writer’s thought bubble (which consumed 2/3 of the space) filled with the author performing (probably) 12-15 different jobs: baker, janitor, taxi driver, teacher…you get the picture.

I thought how much that comic depicted Me. I’ve held a myriad of positions, but never one that seemed to be able to keep me. Not that I haven’t tried. I don’t quit for bad reasons, though (said my mind). Sometimes the bosses were horrible. Other times the work environment was downright Orwellian. Then there were jobs that just never went anywhere. And there were jobs that simply didn’t need my services any longer. Usually it was stagnant pay that caused me to jump ship (how ironic, for an aspiring writer).

Admittedly, I’ve never been able to make writing stick, either. But writing is different. It’s something I can whittle away at it for the rest of my life. If it never takes, so be it. I haven’t totally abandoned the 9-5 concept in favor of “he just started writing, and never looked back” concept. I have too many responsibilitiesto take that risk. I do have current projects though, and they mainly involve my favorite type of writing: short story fiction.

I’m currently in the middle of cleaning up a 2,500’ish story I wrote several years ago. It’s never been published or even submitted for publishing. It’s a Twilight Zoney, Sixth Sense-type of tale called The Parked Car. The idea is a cerebral story that involves a character whose state of mind causes him to slip back and forth between a delusional world and the one in which he actually lives. I’m having trouble with some action within one of the worlds, but I’ll shake it out. I assume it has another couple of weeks or so of rewrite.

In the meantime, I’ll keep working on flash fiction (you can find some of those within my “Short Stories” pages) and other quickies. You can also follow what’s going on with our Disney vacation over at Our Journey, Our Way. I just wrote an interesting post about the TSA, if you’d like to read it. Other than that, please keep checking back here for more writing stuff.

So, what are some things you did before becoming a writer?
Have you reached a level of success with your writing that makes you happy?
If you have a favorite thing to write (about), let us know that, too!

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