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Yellow Snowcones

Courtesy: tvtropes.org

Disney/Pixar fans, let’s ponder something for a moment: Monster’s Inc. pals Mike and Sully get banished to the Himalayas. They meet the Yeti, or as he is called in this classic, the Abominable Snowman. As a welcome gift, he offers the pair yellow snow cones. The guys are apparently uneasy with his offering (justifiable), so Abominable assures them the treats are lemon-flavored.

Think about this for a second. First, this is Nepal, which is not known for being a wellspring of citrus fruits. Certainly, the Yeti could have “appropriated” lemon flavoring in the local village. But why would he risk his anonymity for the sake of sweet flavored toppings, especially given that there is little likelihood he entertains regularly.

Okay, let’s accept, then that the Big Guy has a serious enough penchant for tangy citrus frozen deserts that he does pilfer them from the nearby village; it’s a way to go. Then, why would he want to share? He’s a huge guy, and could power down half a dozen snow cones in nothing flat. Maybe he’s just a nice guy, then. Sure, I guess thieves can be nice guys, too (he didn’t just stroll into the local market and pick up a bag of lemons).

Let’s assume then that he is a nice guy who is not a thief. Then what other answer is there? Well, the only one that is left is that our power plant heroes were correct in their first assumption. Sometimes yellow snow is yellow snow.

What do you think?