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Photo courtesy Favim.com

Larry Stylinson, Courtesy Favim.com

According to a source close to the band, two members of the semi-popular group One Direction were seen leaving a Burbank Planned Parenthood clinic. Band mates (and suspected more-than-that-mates), Louis (pronounced ‘loo-ee’) Tomlinson and Harry Styles (pronounced hairstyle) were reportedly observed leaving the clinic hand in hand, and the snitch says that the two were concerned about being “a certain way about things.” Apparently, a clinic official, who asked not to be identified because she claimed to be “embarrassed as hell,” told the source that “Larry” (as Tomlinson and Styles like to be referred) were concerned that a tryst they had a week ago may have put possible parental burdens on the two. When the unidentified clinician, staff medical assistant Maggie Robinson, assured them that is physiologically impossible, Styles responded that he may not have been entirely truthful about himself when filling out passport paperwork. Robinson, the nameless clinic official, performed an impromptu examination, after which she discovered that Styles is, in fact, actually from France.

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