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Here are #s 3-11 of my list of “101 Weirdest Things I Ever Heard Said to Kids”.

The kids have gotten got all the glory for decades with”Kids Say the Darndest Things”. Now it’s our turn! These are all true — if I didn’t say them, I heard them said. If you have any others, let me know — if you want to share a story or have a comment, let me know. And if you’d like more, or want the stories behind any of these, let me know.

3. “Get your boots off the windshield.”
> They were winter ‘moonboots’ and it was a Chevy Chevette

4. “Stop licking the cat.”
> Yup, said it to Ethan and Pepurr (said cat) was tasty, I guess.

5. “Get your toes out of your mouth.”
> This was for Raymond, and I couldn’t get him to eat most foods; but toes…?

6. “Quit eating your boogers.”
> To Aaron…though I think I could have said it to any one of them…and I know I’ve heard it!

7. “Stop writing on yourself.”
> Kaleigh hears this from us all the time! And her jeans are done for.

8. “Stop writing on the cat.”
> God, I wish I could remember which boy exaclty this was for…but it was poor Pepurr again.

9. “The VCR won’t play candy.”
> This was one for Ethan, and it was a Three Musketeers bar.

10. “How did pool ball get up your nose?”
> Poor Ray; but it wasn’t a real pool ball…it was a mini game and the ball was the size of a pea. Still…

11. “Get your fingers out of my mouth.”
> ‘K, said it to more than one kid. And you know you’ve said it, too.