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Monster Problems

She heard the footsteps approaching again, and felt the same impending dread.  She knew that, followed by the footsteps, she would again hear the gruesome clanking sound, and then it would happen.  There was no way inside this cramped prison she would be able to avoid it forever.  It would come for her again.

Fortunately, she was crammed into a tight corner, and she had been lucky so far; the monster couldn’t quite reach her.  With it tethered to the ceiling, she was just out of reach of the creature’s gaping claw.  Yet each time the damn thing would extend its yawning jaws it would grab her just a little and each time she would be slightly more exposed.  Today was no different.

The lights always flashed before the creature made its way for her, so she was prepared when it approached.  She felt the sharp points dig into her ankle, and knew this time she might not be so lucky.  The monster drew her from the prison floor, lifting her to the top of the chamber.  She had never been this high before and through the pink hair in her eyes, she could now see that there were others.  Why had they never called out?

She shook the thought from her head, worried about where the monster was now taking her.  The ride lasted for what seemed to be only seconds, and the painful claw stopped.  Below her, she could see an opening; an opening she knew was her destiny.  She had prepared herself for this day, as well as one could ever do, when considering being eaten.

When the claw opened, she plummeted into the creature’s mouth and was swallowed whole.  Closing her eyes, she waited to be chewed to a pulp and dissolved by acids.  Nevertheless, that was not to be.  Instead, at the bottom of the dark pit she thought was the mouth, she saw a flash of brightness, and felt the touch of a warm hand.  A rescuer?

Sure enough, the door opened wide and she was pulled to freedom; this was something she had never counted on.  She was met by a smiling face and was hugged into welcoming arms.

The pink lioness was free.